How To Make Your Home Feel More Calming And Zen

Published on 07/01/2020
How To Make Your Home Feel More Calming And Zen

How To Make Your Home Feel More Calming And Zen

After a long day, we all want to come home to a stress-free space, don’t we? Walking into the house after a difficult day should bring you a feeling of inner peace, not the opposite. If you’re looking to achieve a more ‘zen’ look at home, we’ve listed some tips and tricks to do so. Here’s how to make your home feel like your own personal oasis!

Get Succulents

Instead of struggling to keep flowers alive, opt for succulents instead. Succulents are very low-maintenance and can even help purify the air in the house. Of course, they’ll add a nice touch of greenery to your home.

Neutral Tones

Instead of decorating with vibrant, loud colors, go for tones that are more neutral and earthy. These kinds of soft tones like white, gray, beige, and pale pink, have the power to induce a sense of calmness and relaxation.


Aside from relaxing you, there are plenty of healing benefits of aromatherapy. You can place diffusers throughout your home and use your favorite essential oils. If you want something more subtle, you can get some scented candles.

Soft Light

Instead of bright, fluorescent light, replace it with dimmer lights all over the room. A light that’s bright is very stimulating and energizing, which is the opposite of what you want. For instance, in your bedroom, opt for reading lights rather than bedside lamps since they’re more diffused.

Reduce Clutter

Of course, having a messy environment is stressful. Keep accessories and knickknacks to a minimum. Clear out as many items as you can, leaving only the essentials. However, feel free to add anything that you find soothing and relaxing.

Use Natural Materials

We know minimalism is all about ‘less is more’, there is a chance doing so will make an interior feel a little too cold and sterile. Try to invest in some pieces of natural and raw materials like wood, hides, clay, and cork to counteract that. They will all add warmth to the space.