These Are The Best Front And Back Porch Design Ideas

Published on 12/12/2022

The very first thing visitors notice about your lovely home is the front porch. This section introduces your individuality and flair and makes a good first impression. So, a plain porch just isn’t going to cut it, now is it?

Due to this, we have decided to present some amazing porch design ideas that will dazzle and impress both you and your guests when they see your magnificent home. Interior design isn’t limited to the living room and bedroom, after all.

However, before we continue, let’s clarify which part of the house is referred to as the front and back porches.

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These Are The Best Front And Back Porch Design Ideas


What Is a Front Porch?

Your home’s entrance is either a compact area bounded by outside walls on the front of the building, and most likely your main gate falls under the front porch category. It typically has a deck with a beautiful view of the front yard and the street and holds your house numbers.

If you don’t have a front yard, the front porch typically includes an awning or fencing to keep the space private from the street. It gives your home’s exterior a certain amount of curb appeal when people first see it.

What Is a Back Porch?

The back porch is not visible like the front porch. Any side of the home, not only the back, might be designated as this area. The modest screened porch area on the back porch is typically where you choose to unwind after a long day. It mostly faces your landscape or open garden, possibly even a pool.

An fantastic addition to both large and small residences is a rear porch. Here, on a porch with a lovely sitting area, you can take your morning or evening tea. It can also improve your date night or add a little flair when you need some alone time after a challenging day.

Now that you know where your home’s front and back porches are, let’s talk about some design concepts to enhance the overall attractiveness of your porch…

Open Space Seating Area

Porch seating spaces are a beautiful way to freshen up the look of your house. A great view of your front yard, backyard, neighborhood, garden pergolas, and outbuildings is offered by this lovely open space. An open seating room really helps lighten up the whole scope of the house, as you may have seen in films like The Notebook or Elena’s home in The Vampire Diaries. On the back porch, think about utilizing a variety of single chairs or a small couch with a coffee table. This space can easily be used for hi-teas, small garden gatherings, and relaxation. Another option is to build a covered porch where you can sit and listen to the rain without getting wet. All year long, it makes for a perfectly romantic environment.

Consider adding a porch swing or some chairs and loungers to the front porch. A outdoor area rug can also be added to the room to bring brightness. The whole ambiance is created to offer a space to connect with loved ones while sitting down or to unwind in the lounge at sunset while watching children playing in your neighborhood. It is quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Adding A Fire Pit

Have you always wished for a fire pit where you could gather with your family and create the atmosphere of a campfire?

So now is your chance. It certainly adds style to your outdoor living, whether you decide to incorporate it into the décor of your front porch or your back porch. With very little work, you can include this fantastic decorating concept into your makeover. Just add a few rocking chairs or set up a porch seating area in your outdoor living area to experience the calming influence it has on the home’s appearance as a whole.

Decorate With Light Fixtures

You could assume that since the porch is an outside living area, it would look wonderful with just a few sconces. But believe us when we say that installing or hanging string lights from your porch ceiling can make the space appear considerably brighter.

While sitting on the porch, you might even think about draping string lights over the pergola. This produces a grandiose appearance that is ideal for intimate garden parties or a private meal for two outside.

Choose Appropriate Paint Colors

Typically, you can pick vibrant colors for the interiors of indoor rooms like the living room, kitchen, or even an outdoor room. Your home’s external walls, however, serve as the foundation for your porch design ideas.

Choose some soft and light paint colors for the walls as a result. An extended color palette for your pavers and furniture can offer vitality. However, you must mostly keep the walls neutral if you don’t want the house to appear extremely colorful from the outside when the lights are out.