Smart Living Gadgets That Are All About Self Improvement

Published on 09/14/2020

Innovative living in the world we live in is an ever-changing constant, there are new inventions on the daily and improvements being made to all most everything as we continue. This is the modern-day and age and it is beautiful. Convenience and self-improvement should be rooted in your home and your home is often the foundation for a healthy mind and healthy self. That is exactly why these smart gadgets are great to have in your home and will elevate your home, as well as push you into the direction of smart technology all whilst at it.

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Smart Living Gadgets That Are All About Self Improvement

Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat

This bathroom mat is not just any bathroom mat but will have you tossing your scale in the bin in an instant. Let’s be honest the daunting concept of a scale is enough to drive all of us a little crazy. This bath mat is something completely different when you place your feet in the footprints on the bath mat it logs and tracks your weight, the best part, is you don’t even see it! This is a great invention to curb some obsessive behaviors and still log data. The smart scale is built-in and can weigh anything up to 400 pounds. The scale also tracks your body composition and with its AI footprint recognition, it can tell who is stepping on the scale.

SimCam Baby Detecting Baby Monitor

The smart baby monitor is able to detect when something covers your baby’s face or when they roll over, for parents who are nervous about their newborns turning over and being unable to roll back this is the perfect device. The monitor provides AI geofencing and danger zone detecting features. You will know in a matter of seconds if your tiny toddler is moving about, whether they are rolling over, something is covering their precious face or they are trying to make a break for it out of the crib.

Samsung Ballie Rolling Robot

This compact AI robot is like having a little sidekick, the robot follows you around your home and acts in response to your commands. The robot can help you remember absolutely anything, remind you about specific tasks, and will keep you on time and on track with any goals you may have. The Ballie also features as a remote control for IoT devices. This is like having a small personal assistant by your side at all times.

Aina Ring Al-Powered Smart Ring

The smart ring can control all devices that you use on the daily without your phone. The remote can answer calls, book rides and it is simply connected via Bluetooth. If you have a Smart Home this is a wonderful addition as it can control everything. The ring actually looks slick and can replace your smartwatch with all its features. The Aina Ring also tracks any fitness goals, your steps and calories just as a normal fitness tracker. It is an all-in-one, a tiny one. Chic and sleek!