What Not To Do When It Comes To Home Renovations

Published on 12/29/2019
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What Not To Do In Terms Of Home Renovations

Redoing your front yard is a risky process since it is the first impression your home gives. A nice front yard makeover can improve your curb appeal, the value of the home, and be enjoyed by the whole family. When winter dies down, most people welcome spring with a nice new front yard renovation. Unfortunately, some cases turn out better than others so make sure you know how to properly handle damage control in the slight chance your makeover is not the one you always dreamed of. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you!



When you’re putting in new plants you need to make sure that there is enough space in between all the plants so that they have room to grow. You may want to add a bit more than the recommended amount when it comes to the small plants, but we highly recommend not doing this. Overplanting can cause so many problems from labor-intensive maintenance to the plants not growing the way you expected. There needs to be sufficient space for all the plants to bloom and grow as tall as they need to. The key to a beautiful garden is leaving enough space, this way you will have healthy garden in the long term.

Planting In The Wrong Location

Trees, shrubs, and ornamentals certainly can become pricey, especially when they are planted in the wrong direction. While it may look good to your eye, this does not necessarily mean that the spot you are choosing is suitable for it. When considering placement, the most important factors to consider are soil, water, and light and don’t forget that! Even if you need to take a bit of extra time to gather your research, that’s okay. It’s better than the alternative!

Bad Planning

Your home’s architectural style must be consistent with your landscape or your whole design will look like chaos! Make sure to match the two before everything else. Write things down, make a plan, and don’t start working before you start thinking! Don’t forget important things like creating a path so you along with others can navigate safely through the yard. Also, once your renovation is done, don’t think you are too. The most important factor in keeping a beautiful garden is maintenance. You can put your hedge trimmers and lawnmower away but keep them close because you’ll be needing them shortly.