How To Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

Published on 01/10/2022

The bedroom is the place of rest and is used to rest and relax after a long day at work. It is also an important center of love and partnership. Since we spend most of our life in the bedroom, we try to design it with the help of the Far Eastern teaching Feng Shui. One of the main goals of Feng Shui is to create harmony between people and their surroundings. Get to know 4 tips for bedroom design and furnish your bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui.

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How To Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

The Bed

The bed in the bedroom plays an important role. It should stand with its head end against a solid wall. This position expresses security and security. If you don’t have a wall, buy a bed with a solid headboard, preferably made of solid wood. In addition, there should be no regularly used heating or water pipes in the wall, because the noisy pipes prevent a relaxed sleep. Our bed shouldn’t be in the draft between the door and the window. Many mattresses promote the best rest and sleep. Do not buy used mattresses because, following the principles of Feng Shui, they accumulate an energy from previous owners. It’s not always positive energy. That is why you invest in a good, hard mattress. The good quality mattresses should accompany you for 25,000 hours of healthy sleep. And what should you look out for when buying bed linen? The optical properties such as color or pattern play an important role in the choice of bed linen. But don’t forget the most important criteria – the material and the good quality of the fabrics.

Silence And Darkness

Our bedroom should also be a place of silence and restful darkness. To do this, invest in the curtains and blinds. This will protect you from artificial light at night and from prying neighbors. Also keep all doors to the bedroom closed at night. This measure supports the positive flow of energy and has a good effect on our health. In addition, cleanliness and order are the basis for a pleasant and relaxing stay in the bedroom. Also try to keep your closet tidy.

Humidity And Temperature

The two most significant parameters for a good night’s sleep are humidity and temperature. An ideal temperature between 16 and 18 degrees is recommended for the bedroom. In the children’s room, the temperature should be a little higher. In addition, the optimal humidity is between 40 and 60%. Plants humidify the air – that’s right. However, they absorb oxygen at night, so they should not be put in the bedroom. But there are plants that promote healthy sleep behavior.


The bedroom lighting should appear soft and mild. The surface-mounted lights are ideal for basic lighting. Many people also like to opt for additional light sources. Whether bedside lamp, cabinet lighting, swiveling lamp for bookworms, floor lamp or wall lamp – the bedroom lighting should create a perfect atmosphere for reading, cuddling and relaxing. When it comes to bedroom furnishings, colors also play an important role. Violet, rose red, blue, green and brown are particularly suitable for the bedroom.