4 Tips For A Child-Friendly Apartment

Published on 11/02/2021

A child not only changes one’s everyday life but also the apartment: once mega-chic, elegant apartments become toy temples; Where there used to be party photos, baby pictures now adorn the wall. And then there is security in the home, which suddenly comes first. And the new preference for resistant materials. In the meantime, modern design and child-friendly living accessories are no longer mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the collections offer parents, in particular, the opportunity to design their own four walls in a stylish and child-friendly manner at the same time. We will show you how

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4 Tips For A Child-Friendly Apartment

Space To Play

Children want to play! An imaginatively designed children’s room is all the more important. But what does the perfect place for little princesses and knights look like? If you have enough space, you should give your children a large, light-flooded room if possible. It is up to you which pieces of furniture you choose in connection with the “ideal” furnishings. The important thing here is to find the perfect mix. Regardless of the size of the room, it should not be unnecessarily furnished with large pieces of furniture. Instead, it is important to concentrate on what the child really needs! Sorting out old accessories creates space for new ones and thus stimulates the child’s imagination to have a say in furnishing the room.

Safety Measures

Children (and especially babies!) play with whatever they find. It is therefore understandable that cleaning supplies should always be stored inaccessible in the apartment. In this context, it is best to choose tall and lockable cabinets. All sockets should also be secured in any case. If you do not want to use separate fuses, you can fall back on special connector strips that are designed so that they can “disappear” in certain places (e.g. a kitchen work surface). In general, you should also make sure to cover sharp edges accordingly so that there is no risk of injury.

Choose The Right Colors And Materials

Of course, the offspring spend most of their time in their room. It is therefore important – not only with regard to the toys but also when it comes to furnishing – to use materials that are free of harmful substances and that do not endanger small children either. With regard to the choice of colors in the children’s room, all options are open. Interior experts, however, agree that one should opt for harmonious, simple tones. Even if the selection of wallpapers now goes beyond classic pink or light blue, bright colors are not recommended. There is a particular warning against red. Not only does red appear restless, but it should also stand in the way of restful sleep

The Right Place For TV etc.

When children have reached school age, technical devices such as televisions and music systems become especially interesting to them. So that TV & Co. can neither be damaged nor switched on independently, you should keep the corresponding remote controls and receivers out of the reach of the little ones. It is also important not to let television become a main part of everyday life. Even if there is nothing wrong with common home cinema evenings from a certain age, a television in the children’s room should be avoided. Once the television has found its place in the living room, you as parents still have a better overview of the consumption behavior of your children. And you have the upper hand over the program.